Cocktail and Presentation December 2016 at CIRANO

Cocktail and Presentation March 2017 at CIRANO

Cocktail and Presentation December 2017 at CIRANO

The Foundations 10th Anniversary Gala



Organized by the Mount Royal Club, The Pierre Arbour University Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary 

in the company of bursaries, administrators and special guests. 

Pierre Arbour, President

Nadira Hajjar, 2015 bursary recipient and gala guest

Patrick Latreille, 2015 bursary recipitent

Normand Lalonde (ETS), Marine Hadengue (former bursary recipitent)

Chelsea Craig (assistant), Kitty Shephard, Pierre Arbour

Club Mt Royal

Louis Roquet, gala guest

Bursary Ceremony at Sherbrooke University

M. Archambault, S. Viens, S. Amiri, D. Dussault, JY. Lavoie, M. Gregoire, F. Malenfant, SM. Pourani-Kame

Bursary Ceremony at HEC 2016-2017

Marc Farmer (2016-2017), Chelsea Craig (Treasurer) and Amadea Camozzi (2016-2017) Photo credit: Sylvie Trépanier

Bursary Ceremony at the University of Sherbrooke 2015 - 2016


M. Y. Cindric, G. Labbé, J. Lamoureux, J. Dubois (boursiers 2015-2016) and M. Pierre Arbour, président

Bursary Ceremony at ETS 2015 -2016

Andréanne Robichaud (2015-2016) and M. Arbour

Garden Party with the Board of Directors 

A. Monette, P. Arbour, A. Laurin and P. Arbour